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Employment Opportunities

Looking for a rewarding career with a growing Web Marketing company that has real vision? Do you truly enjoy working in a team environment?

If so, then a on-going career at the Internet Marketing Institute Pty Ltd can be a big part of your future.

We're on the look out for talented people to fill developer, marketing manager and online traffic specialty roles.

Benefits Of Working With The Internet Marketing Institute

  • Company Growth - You'll be part of a growing company in an ever growing industry. That will no-doubt be the case with the Internet Marketing Institute.

    Whilst we have been in business over 8 years, it was 6 years ago that a decision was made to grow the company to a significant online marketing and education firm. We've now expanded immensely in Australia.

    The growth is fueled directly by strong internet marketing activities - we've are looked upon in the industry and market leads for innovative and creative marketing campaigns that produce results!.

    We have aggressive growth expectations for 2011 & 2012, so you'll be entering in on the ground floor of a truly dynamic and innovative firm.

  • Project Variety - the 'jobs' or 'tasks' that you will work on are not normally more than 8 to 12 weeks in duration, marketing specialists and developers will be required to do quick run tasks (e.g. a few days to even just a few hours).

    Working across multiple marketing projects means you'll be involved with different technologies and online business scenario's - this is an excellent way to learn and improve your skills.

  • Flexibility - our development environment is quite flexible as well - as long as you understand and meet your targets, we're will be open to flexibility in your working structures.

  • A "Smart" Environment - without coming across as arrogant, we basically only employ talented & savvy people. We currently have programmers graduating at the top of their university classes. Many have honors, double degrees, honors or masters qualifications. In addition, everyone working as a developer or online marketing manager has passed rigorous tests.

    Basically when you work with us, you will be around smart people who will push you to learn even more.

  • Direct 'Customer Interaction' - Whilst we also use manager, team leaders and customer service staff, we expect all staff to work directly with our clients.

  • Shared Financial Benefits - We believe that people's rewards financially need be linked to their contribution to the company overall success. We offer staff and contractor performance based payments in the way of bonuses to reward extra high achievements from an individual point of view and as a team player.

For more information email: employment[@]InternetMarketingInstitute.com.au
or call our office at: +61 2 9746 1111

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